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The purpose of this program is to enable the participants to review the sales process designed according to their product / service and customer portfolios, and to apply the techniques used in every step from mental preparation to sales closing. Within the scope of the program, it is aimed to convey the methods to be applied for critical situations that seem complex and difficult by discussing common problems and solution methods through real cases selected from business life.


  • Psychology of Sales

    • Seller's Mind: Just Looking, Not Buying

    • The Mind of the Customer: Center of the Universe

    • «Host» Seller

  • Welcome

    • What Do We See?

    • First Contact

  • Hospitality

    • What do you need?

    • Benefit Delivery

    • Anything else?

  • Sendoff

    • Safe Area

    • We’d like to see you anytime…

  • Critical Situations

    • Tension Management

    • Private Clients



2 days


All staff working in sales teams

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