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This study aims to provide the perspective and motivation for individuals to take responsibility for their own work / private lives, to step out of their comfort zone and take action by taking the initiative instead of complaints and reproaches.  


  • Acquaintance with Objects

  • What We Have Overlooked

  • On Change (Magic Wand and Personal Responsibility)

    • Domain / Area of Interest / Comfort Zone

  • A homework to think and write about the influence areas and what they can do about them until our next meeting.

  • What happened? Sharing session

  • If your view changes, you change.

  • The limits we draw for ourselves

  • A rotten apple spoiling the barrel

  • Realistic positivity

  • Resistors (add by time what resists)

  • The Awareness Quartet: Stop, Observe, Return, Breathe

  • Homework: To look at the difficulties and events they encounter in life more carefully and to try to approach them from another angle. Exercises to use the awareness quad.

  • Did we look different after our previous meeting? If we looked, what did we see, what did we try to do differently?

  • Who and what are you? Who and what are you not?

  • Five years ago, five years later

  • Personal SWOT Analysis

  • Sharing what we see about ourselves (Triple sharing study)

  • Assignment: Consulting and comparing one/several eyes externally for a personal SWOT…

  • Have we looked after ourselves? Sharing of new views on SWOTs

    • Are we compassionate? How?

    • Are we kind to ourselves?

    • Let's look at our own life like watching a movie

    • Accepting our feelings and vulnerability

    • Practice of giving thanks

    • Letter to ourselves

    • Closing Circle



2 days



Employees and managers at all levels.

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