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The Purpose of the Program is to ensure that all Human Resources managers and specialists who are experts in their fields can have extensive knowledge about all the legislation and calculation methods related to payroll, and by interpreting the current personnel personal information for different situations; refresh their knowledge about the relevant laws and are informed about the practices and sanctions in force in line with the Labor Law. The training has been prepared taking into account the latest changes in the legislation and practice. It is organized between 2-5 days according to the needs.​


  • Basic concepts

    • Payroll

    • Legal Deductions,

    • From Gross to Net Analyzed Explanation,

    • Employer Cost

  • Sanctions and Requirements of General Labor Law

  • Legal Dimension of Wage (in terms of SSI, Tax and Labor Law legislation)

  • Current SSI practices

  • Legal and Technical Aspects of Compensations

  • Structuring Working Hours

    • Overtime Work

    • Working at the General Holiday

    • Working on Weekend

    • Annual Leave Practices

  • Income Tax and Income Tax Base Deductions, CITB

  • SSI Base Reductions, Exceptions, Transferring SSI Base

  • Minimum Living Allowance

  • Annual Payroll Account

  • Net to Gross

  • Severance and Notice Pay Calculations

  • Prepaid Annual Leave

  • Fee and Payment in Terms of SSI Legislation

  • Social Insurance and General Health Insurance, BES Practices

  • Social Security Practices: Case Study

  • SSI Incentives

  • Accounting Records

  • Special Payments in Terms of SSI and Income Tax

  • Case Study

  • Termination Procedures, Legal Dimension, Methods

  • Reemployment Payments

  • Administrative Sanctions, Obligations and Penalties

  • Questions and Answers


Ideal blend of knowledge and skills,

Practices, group work, case or scenario studies

Examples from Turkey and around the World


2-5 Days


Company Managers, Employees of HR, Finance and Accounting Departments

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