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The purpose of the program is to review and evaluate the practices in companies within the framework of the Labor Law No.4857, to develop solutions for the problems, to examine the major and fundamental changes in our working life, to explain the problems and solutions in this period, especially within the framework of flexibility and job security practices, and also to show how it will be interpreted and implemented within the framework of the decisions of the Supreme Court, as well as to give information about the new Occupational Health and Safety Law and the New Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining Law.​


  • What the Labor Law Brings and the New Structure of Labor Law

  • The Concept of the Structure of the Basic Employer - Subcontractor (Subcontractor) Relationship

  • Joint Responsibility

  • The Limits of the Main Employer-Sub-Employer Relationship and the Problems of Enforcement

  • Conclusion and Types of Employment Contract

  • Freedom to Determine Contract Types

  • Definite and Indefinite-Term Employment Contracts

  • Probationary and Non-Probationary Employment Agreements

  • Borrowed Employee Agreements

  • Working and Leave Periods

    • Normal Working Time

    • Overwork and Working Overtime

    • Part-Time Work

    • Compensatory Work

    • Reference Period

    • Unpaid Leave Practices

    • Annual Leave-Paid

  • End of Employment Contract

    • Concept of “Valid Cause”

    • Concept of “Rightful Cause”

    • Difference between Valid Cause-Rightful Cause in view of Worker’s Behaviors

    • Procedure for Termination for a Valid Cause

    • Procedure for Termination for a Rightful Cause

  • Reemployment Lawsuit and Results

  • Legal Consequences of End of Employment Contract

    • Severance and Notice Pay

    • Other Compensations

    • Liability of New Employer

    • Certificate of Release

    • Employment Certificate

  • Occupational Health and Safety Law

  • Trade Unions and Collective Labor Contract Law


1 day


Those who work in Human Resources Wage Management and Personnel Documents department as well as Legal Advisors and Lawyers are recommended to participate.

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