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Different persons are inevitable to conflict in today's business life faced by different responsibilities and different personal goals. If the conflicts that waste the time of the managers and the energy of the employees are not solved in time, they cause great efficiency and motivation loss for companies.


The purpose of the program is to understand the causes of conflicts and to teach various strategies to solve and share solutions to prevent potential conflicts.


In addition to the version of the training which is designed for managers, mediation in the conflicts and termination of conflicts are also included within the scope of the program.


  • Definition of conflict

  • Causes of conflict

  • Distribution of Work

  • Mutual dependency

  • Distribution of limited resources

  • Joint

  • Differences of Purpose

  • Differences of Perception:

  • Specialization

  • Competitive Rewarding System

  • Secret Agendas

  • Egos

  • Conflictory personalities

  • The types of conflict

  • Conflicts by Parties

  • Conflicts by type

  • Conflicts in accordance with continuity

  • Defense mechanisms in conflicts

  • Managing conflicts

  • Conflict Solving Methods

  • Problem solving

  • Detecting Superior Objectives

  • Increasing resources

  • Avoidance

  • Smoothing

  • Conciliation

  • Using Authority

  • Political approach

  • Resorting to Referee


Each module in the contents will be applied interactively with one or more of the methods including Business games, case resolution, simulation, tests, role play, film monitoring, discussion, individual or group work.


2 days



Moderate level managers, candidate managers, sales, marketing, purchasing and human resources professionals are recommended to participate.

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