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The aim of this training is to ensure that the participants understand the concepts of innovation, innovativeness and making innovation, identify the sources of innovation and learn the methods of the participants to discover their own creativity.



  • Why should we study innovativeness?

    • In terms of entrepreneurship

    • In terms of its importance in institutional development

    • In terms of its importance in individual development

    • In terms of its importance in social development

  • What do we understand when we speak of innovation?

  • What are the sources of innovation?

  • 7 sources of opportunities

  • “Creativity” as an the raw material of innovation

  • The effect of metaphor on innovation

  • Questioning assumptions and reversing the rules

  • Awareness and ability to engage creatively

  • Creating an innovation climate

  • The relationship between the steps of Personal Development and innovation

    • Awareness

    • Empathy

    • Sensitivity

  • Interdisciplinary look

  • Creative Thinking-Innovation-Entrepreneurship



1 day



All employees

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