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It is to remind mid-level managers about the dynamics of change and to integrate organized behavior and skills they will use in this process.


At the end of this program, the participants;

  • Will be able to redefine the concepts and dimensions within the scope of change and learn how to prepare the organization,

  • To be able to include managerial behavior and leadership factors required for the success and continuity of change in the process,

  • Will be able to include the adoption of contemporary cultural values in the change management plan, taking into account personal and emotional responses to change,

  • They will be able to begin managing the process by taking into account the different behavioral patterns of their teams at different stages of change.


  • Need for Change, Timing and Curve of Change

  • Emotional Standards of the Leader and the Responsibility to Win People

  • Emotional Stages of Those Experiencing Change and Adaptation to Change

  • Management with Situational Leadership According to Competencies: Team Members Alignment

  • Conducting the Change Program and Cultural Process Together with Employees

  • Using Coaching as a Motivation and Adaptation Tool: GROW

  • The Duties of Change in Corporate Communication Dimensions

  • Training Method



Sharing information, individual Practices, change stages test, group work, video discussions and action plans are carried out with the participants.


1 day



Managers (manager and above)

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