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In this program, we will take a look at the short history of technological developments that we thought we would see only in science fiction movies when we were children, but that changed the dynamics of our life, business styles, shopping habits, our relationships with our friends and families, our children, us and our world in the last 20 years, and we will examine the effects of these issues in different sectors. We will also discuss and research new technologies of the future. Thanks to the design-oriented thinking module at the end of the module, there is a simulation program that enables the participants to develop products/services/solutions under the titles determined or to be determined by the company.​


  • A Brief History of the Digital World

  • Big Data Says

  • The World Changing with the Pandemic

    • How did this fear and anxiety themed process, whose influence is obvious all over the world simultaneously, change our education, consumption, way of working, our values, our perception of life, and our expectations and attitudes on many different topics?

  • Decentralization (Blockchain, Bitcoin, Fintech 101, NFT)

  • What's Happening in Space?

  • People? Robots? Are we ready to get along?

    • (AI / AR / VR / IoT / IoB / Autonomy / Bionics)

  • How is retail changing, how will a holistic experience be provided?

  • Innovation and technology in Turkey

  • Personal data and privacy – red lines

  • Inspiring startup stories

  • Metaverse

  • Design thinking / human-oriented thinking



2 days


All units and levels of companies, primarily; Marketing, Sales, Business Development

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