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The Purpose of the Program is to give information about the basic concepts which needs particular attention in foreign trade transactions, to explain payment (goods-documents-letter of credit) and delivery methods and the main elements of international rules regarding them.​


  • Incoterms and Basic Principles

  • Payment Methods and Basic Concepts

    • Cash on Delivery

    • Cash Against Documents

    • Payment against Letter of Credit

  • Basic points in transactions against letters of credit, content and form of operation

    • Types of Letter of Credit-Use features-to be considered

  • International Rules in Delivery and Payment Methods

  • Overseas Warranty Letters and International rules

  • Content and Main Issues

  • Particulars to be Considered in Practice

  • Payments against Bill of Exchange-Acceptance Credits

  • Forfaiting and Export Financing

  • Other International Facilities

  • Local Facilities and their Use in Businesses

    • Exchange and Prefinancing Credit

    • Exim Bank Credits

  • Some Valuations in Terms of Import and Export Legislation

  • Reflections of Vehicles Used in Terms of Balance Sheet Presentation and Balance Sheet Planning

  • Foreign Trade Techniques in Banks' Credit Assessment Approach

  • Non-Cash Credits and Banking Assessment

  • Use of International Facilities and Their Use in Transactions

  • What is ECA-sourced Financing Supply?

  • Points and documentation to be considered in ECA-sourced Financing



2 days


The employees responsible for external transactions, financing, import and export transactions can participate.

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