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The purpose of the program is to create awareness in our private and business life in order to know oneself, to ensure the acquisition and execution of good relations, to gain customers and to demonstrate the methodology of being always sought after by establishing effective communication.


  • Effective communications

    • What is communication?

    • The process of communication

    • Importance of asking and listening to effective communication

    • Listening

    • Open-ended questions

    • Closed-ended questions

  • Active communication

    • Understand-reflect statements in active communication

    • Status / event

    • Emotion

    • View

    • Sets of feelings

    • Positive Thinking

    • Positive statement in active communication

    • Positive / negative statements

    • Imperative sentences in active communication

    • Giving a reason for the things to be done

    • Explaining the things to be done

    • Sentences of disapproval in active communication

    • I / You messages and negative tags in active communication

    • Distinguishing I and You language in active communication

  • Dealing with resistance

  • Exercise: events and emotions

  • What is empathy? What isn't it?

    • Understand and know feelings

    • Empathy and listening

    • Process of using empathy sentence

    • Being willing and voluntary

    • Listening

    • Verbal expression

    • Acceptance Reactions

    • Opening the Door

  • Expressing the emotion

  • Inclusion of the cases causing emotion

  • Supportive sentences

  • Honoring sentences

  • What are we to do with what we have learned?


Each module in the contents will be applied interactively by using one or more of the methods including, movie sessions, discussion, individual or group work.


2 days



Managers and all employees are recommended to participate in associated groups.

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