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The aim of the program is to enable the participants to use all their cognitive resources, especially the brain, more efficiently to direct them to their work and to produce effective results.


  • Processing Information

  • The disease of our times - Information Overload

  • The Legend of Multitasking

  • ACTE Formula

  • Human brain

    • Current Studies

    • Brain, Structure, Components and Learning

    • Links, Templates and Relationship

    • Protecting the Brain

    • Using the brain as a whole

    • Mind Maps

    • Traditional Work Habits

  • Mind Maps

    • Field of Practice

    • Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Memory

    • Short Term - Long Term Memory

    • Learning Process and Recording Information in the Memory

    • Tips and Techniques for Improving Memory

  • Speed ​​Reading Techniques

    • Reading Techniques

    • Advanced Reading Techniques and Practices

    • Homework

  • Working Smart

    • Managing time and priorities

    • Making the right choices

  • Golden Triangle Practice

    • Speed ​​Reading - Mind Map - Memory

  • Motivation and Goals

    • A New Approach to Personal Motivation

    • 7 Step Plan: From Dream to Action


1 day



Employees and managers at all levels.

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