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The purpose of the Program is to ensure the Participants, based on the philosophy of knowing oneself, defining their personal vision and priorities, and determining the big stones in their business according to these priorities, determining the works that will produce added value and delegating those whenever they need to delegate.


  • Introduction to the Questions

    • Look at Myself

    • Intellectual Models and Our Paradigms

      • Learning Mental Attitude / Judging Mental Attitude

      • Getting Out of Our Comfort Zone

      • Positive View

  • Making Your Own Chance

  • Determining the Wheel of Life and Development Areas

  • Creating an Action Plan and Commitment

  • Identifying Strengths and Aspects that Need to be Improved

  • Determining My Works

    • Determinating Priorities

    • Separating Big Stones and Small Stones

  • Applied Delegation

  • Letter to the Future



The study is treated by using the coaching methodology and from Gestalt perspective. In this sense, the lecturing is relatively less and it aims for individuals to face themselves through individual and dual studies. The work is also supported by videos.


2 days


All employees.

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