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It is to ensure that the participants can master the body language and communicate better, have a more effective and professional personal image, and as a result of all these, they can contribute to the corporate image.


  • Communication and elements of personal communication

  • What is an image and the parameters of a personal image?

  • Factors affecting the image

  • Personal messages and image link

  • Clothing - dress code in business life

  • Colors

  • Being an effective person

  • Tips on body language

  • Positive behavioral styles

  • Glances and their meanings

  • Gestures and facial expressions

  • Sitting styles

  • Handshake types

  • Protocol rules

  • The effect of lying on body language

  • The effect of self-confidence and respect on body language

  • Psychological factors and body language

  • Group work/psychodrama practice on personal image and body language


2 days



All employees.

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