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The main purpose of this study is to balance work and private life for adults who are not able to use their real  potential in business and private life, who are experiencing dissatisfaction as a result, who are looking for what to do and what they want to do in order to transform this dissatisfaction into a fulfilling life, to encourage them to use the strengths they have discovered by matching their vision, values and goals with their business life and to turn their real potential into action with their own efforts.


  • The paradox of being yourself and living with people

  • Be aware

  • Personal Competence

  • Why are we changing?

    • My Values

    • What are my goals? What do I want?

    • My Vision

  • Ideal Self - Actual Self

  • Personal SWOT analysis

  • Inner critical voice

    • Listening to the Inner Critical Voice

    • Combating Internal Critical Voice

  • Intellectual Models and the ladder of inference

  • Learning Mental Attitude / Judging Mental Attitude

  • Positive View

  • Interest

  • Determining the Wheel of Life and Development Areas

  • Creating an action plan and commitment

  • What will change tomorrow?

  • Letter to the Future



2 days



Managers who lead a crew, team leaders, executive candidates and all employees who want to improve themselves are recommended to participate in related groups.

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