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The Purpose of the Program is to describe the meaning of the customer experience and discover the role of emotions in the customer experience, to ensure that employees understand their role in customer experience, and to find the opportunity to examine the customer experience with various company samples.


  • Blob Tree / In - Out (Practice)

  • Who are We and Who are Our Customers in Reality?

  • Customer Contact Points

  • 3 B Rule for Quality Customer Service

  • Vision of Customer Experience

  • Definition and 7 Philosophy of Customer Experience and the Main Roof in Customer Experience: Promise – What is Realized - Expectation

  • What is Our Leak Points in Customer Experience, Our Customer Paradigm? Paradigm

  • New Neighbor Practice, Paradigm-Meaning-Behavior-Result Relationship Personal Paradigm Change Practice

  • Looking from Outside to Inside to Create Excellent Customer Experiences at Contact Points

  • Customer Experience (Practice - Safari on Phone)

  • Emotional Signature

  • Brands and Customer Experiences

  • How Do Our Attitudes and Behaviors Affect Customers?

  • Customer Orientation

  • Communication

  • Customer Satisfaction Triangle

  • Meaning, Definition and Importance of Customer Service

  • Service Quality and Criteria for Service Quality from Customer's Point of View

  • Customer Experience (Practice-Field Safari)

  • Complaints: Life Line between You and the Customer, Complaint Management Strategy

  • Positive Approach to Customer Complaints, Customer Types

  • The Opportunity to Create Happy and Loyal Customers

  • Customer Experience in Our Institution - Group Work (Workshop) / Presentations

  • Magic and Customer Experience

  • What should we do with what we have learned?



2 or 3 days


All employees who have contact with the customers.

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