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Effective leadership starts with the individual's self-knowledge and self-management. A leader has to develop his/her own potential, coach himself/herself, and be a leader of himself/herself.


The aim of the program is to increase the awareness of participants about behaviors and interpersonal relationships by using the tools provided by transactional analysis theory, and to present a different perspective on the functioning of systems and organizations.


  • Self-Recognition – A Detailed Examination of Self-States

  • Parent Self-State

  • Adult Self State

  • Child Self-State

  • Communication / Interaction

  • Parallel Interaction

  • Cross Interaction

  • Bidirectional Interaction

  • A Barrier in Interaction: The Relationship of Dependence

  • Basic Needs When Communicating

  • Acceptance

  • Life Positions

  • Bidirectional Interaction

  • Configuring: Ways to Use Time



1 day



Team leaders are recommended to participate.

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