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Problem Solving & Decision Making training has been prepared in order to improve the problem solving and decision making skills of the participants, to inspire them to think creatively, to have a positive attitude towards problems and to look at events from a broader perspective. This training, which is based on a solution-oriented perspective, aims to help the participants correctly identify problems/opportunities, find the 'root causes', produce and develop alternative solutions, and learn to make the right decision by choosing among them, and to help them put their creative intelligence into practice.


  • What does the problem mean? Overview of the problem

  • Positive/negative aspects of problems

  • Critical success factors of problem solving

  • Structure of problems

  • Our attitude towards problems

  • Psychology of the problem

  • Don't get down to the root cause

  • asking the right questions

  • Applications

  • Problem Solving and Idea Generation Tools

    • Brainstorming

    • 6 thinking hats technique

    • Fishbone

    • benchmarking

  • Generating ideas: Right brain – left brain

  • Mind map

  • Creativity

  • 20 ideas methods

  • Analogy

  • Going outside the box – thinking differently

  • To make a decision

  • Barriers in decision making (data bombardment, elaboration, perfectionism…)

  • Joint decision making

  • Leveraging group synergy

  • Practicing

  • The environment for diversity and richness of ideas



2 days



Employees and managers at all levels.

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