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Within the scope of Law No. 5510, there are important changes regarding SSI practices and employer transactions.

The purpose of the program is to evaluate the changes in SSI practices for short-term insurance branches (occupational accidents, occupational diseases, etc.) within the scope of the last circular orders and communiqués in view of employers and the insured personnel, general health insurance and social security legislation, all the liabilities of the employer as well as the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331.


  • Practices of Short-term Insurance Branches

  • Recent Practices of SSI for Short-term Insurance Branches

  • Work Accident and Occupational Disease in Business and Social Security Legislation

    • Work Accident and Occupational Diseases, Registration and Notification Periods

  • Rights and Benefits provided as a Result of Temporary and Permanent Incapacity

    • Criminal Cases and Cases against Pecuniary/Nonpecuniary Damages and Recourse Claims to be Opened as a Result of Work Accidents and Occupational Diseases

    • Responsibilities of Employer, Representative of the Employer, Workplace Physicians and Occupational Safety in Cases

  • Employer Incentives in Social Security Legislation

    • All Employer Employment Incentives that are currently applicable

    • Terms of use of more than one incentive

    • Practice regarding Insurance Premium Incentive (Additional Employment Incentive) with Law No. 6111 under Circular no 2011/45

  • ​Employer transactions

    • Workplace Declaration, Statement of Employment, Statement of Termination of Employment

    • Workplace Turnover

    • Procedures and Principles of Submitting Statement of Employment of Employees with Part Time Business Agreement as E-Notifications

    • Administrative Fines and Recent Changes

    • Missing Day Notifications and Recent Changes GSS Practices

    • GSS Notifications of Employees with Part Time Employment Contract

    • Unpaid Leave Practices and GSS Notifications

    • E- Report Practice

  • Income that is dependent and independent on social security contribution

  • Administrative fines

  • Evaluation of Occupational Health and Safety Legislation No. 6331 in terms of employers

    • Duties, Authorities and Obligations of Employer in Occupational Health and Safety Law

    • Danger Classes and Risk Analysis according to Occupational Health and Safety Law

    • Emergency Plans, Fire Fighting and First Aid

    • Security Report or Policy Certificate to Prevent Major Accidents

    • Occupational Health and Safety Board

    • Other Liabilities


1 day


Department Employees of Human Resources Responsible for Recruitment and Personal Benefits, Legal Advisors and Lawyers are recommended to participate.

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