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The Purpose of the Program is the development of strategic planning and management competence. Strategic planning means determining the long-term goals and objectives of the institution, the company, clearly and in a futuristic manner; It is the creation of the basic structure of performance targets and strategies suitable for these purposes. Strategic management, on the other hand, is the systematic of implementing and monitoring the managerial decisions and activities that define the long-term performance of the institution, planning the necessary developments and turning them into action, based on the strategic planning stage.


  • Organizational Institutional Planning Needs

  • How Does the Need for Planning Occur in an Institution Established for Purpose and Target?

  • What is Strategy? What are Strategy Processes?

  • Basic Features in Strategic Decisions Basic Stages of Strategic Management

  • Strategic Model Structure

  • Strategic Planning Purposes

  • Strategic Planning Steps

  • Current Situation, Determining the Position - External Environmental Analysis

  • PEST Analysis

  • Current Situation, Determining the Position-Internal Competence Internal Environmental Analysis

  • Resources, Competencies and Strategic Competence Analysis-SWOT

  • A Sample SWOT Analysis Table

  • Group Work-1-current situation and PEST analysis

  • Industry Analysis

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Strategic Selection Process

  • Strategic Elements of Success

  • Strategic Development Methods

  • Considerations When Determining Corporate Vision

  • Definition of Vision

  • Definition of Mission - examples

  • Determination of Institutional Strategies

  • Determining the Strategic Goals of the Institution Division of Vision-Strategy

  • Group Work-2, Vision, Strategy, Determining the Target Activity

  • Activities to Create a Strategic Plan- Deciding on the Responsible people and those who practice it

  • An Exemplary Strategic Goal, Action Plan

  • Strategic Plan Draft Review

  • Finalizing the Strategic Plan

  • Strategic Plan-Methods for Distribution of Enterprise Employee

  • Operation of Strategic Plan Review and Evaluation Process, Recommendations

  • Theoretical knowledge, case studies, testing, practice and group work.


2 days


All managers and executive candidates who want to improve their strategic planning competence.

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