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It is to provide the necessary mental preparation for the development of the problem solving and creative thinking aspects of the people working in the enterprises. This program is designed to improve the problem solving, decision-making and Practice skills of all working people, to inspire creative thinking and to enable them to look at events from a broad perspective.


  • Solution Focused Approach in Organizations

    • Solution-Oriented Perspective, Solution-Oriented Attitudes and Behaviors

    • “Creativity and Innovation” in this Process

    • Group Work: Solution-Orientedness Under Pressure

  • What is the problem

    • Basic Feature of Problems

    • Critical Success Factors for a Problem Solver

    • Psychology of the Problem

    • Viewing Obstacles from Different Perspectives

    • Practice: Wastebin

  • Efficiency in Problem Solving

    • A Life Secret and Practice for Effective Solution

  • Problem Solving Steps: Analysis

    • Understanding the Problem and Getting to the Root Cause

    • The Importance of the Why Question

    • Chain of Causes

    • Root Cause Question Practices

  • Problem Solving Steps: Defining Options

    • Brainstorming

    • Tree Diagram

    • Pine Tree Technique

    • Six Thinking Hats Technique

  • Decision Making in Organizations

    • Transforming Knowledge into Action and Result

    • Distinguishing Necessary/Unnecessary Information

    • Practice: Jammed Truck

  • Creative thinking

    • Creativity and Innovation

    • Structural Thinking

    • Thinking Out of the Box

    • How the Brain Works and How to Use It for Ourselves

  • Group Thinking & Decision Making

    • Group Decision & Synergy

    • Pros and Cons of Group Decision

  • Generating Ideas

    • Creating a thinking environment in the team

    • General Evaluation - Action Planning (What will I do differently after this training)


Transfer of information

Mind-opening applied studies

Excerpts from a problem-solving movie

Sample Videos

Hands-On Group Activities


2 days



Team managers, team leaders.

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