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The goal of the program is to teach participants the basic financial statements and accounting records, and in particular to provide information about technical regulations on accounting practices, taking into account Turkey.​


  • Basic Financial Statements and Objectives

  • Income (profit-loss) Table

  • Cash Flow Table

  • Accounting Process of Registration

    • Basic Concepts of Accounting

    • Accounting Technique

    • Recording Media (Accounting Books), Records in Accounting Process

    • Trial Balance, Inventory Procedures, Adjustment Records

  • Regulation of Financial Statements

  • Accounting Legislation

    • Uniform Accounting System

    • Importance of Accounting Standards

    • Relationship Between Tax Legislation and Accounting Standards

    • Valuation and Special Problems in Accounting

  • Valuation of Assets (cash, securities, receivables and related problems, stocks and related problems, subsidiaries, tangible fixed assets, revaluation and amortization, intangible fixed assets)

  • Valuation of Debts (certain and estimated debts)

  • Equity Capital, Problems regarding Revenues and Expenses


NOTE: During this training program, participants must have their calculators with them.


2 days


All employees who are interested in the subject can participate.

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