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The Purpose of the Program is to inform and increase the competencies of those who work and will work in the Human Resources Department, as well as candidate managers about taking care of the remuneration of employees in terms of human resources management while acting according to objective criteria as much as possible.​


  • What's the Wage? What is the base Wage-variable charge?

  • Purpose of Wage, Basic Elements and Wage Systems

  • Keystones and factors affecting Fare Management

  • Basic principles in Wage system

  • Steps to Develop a Wage System and Formation of Business Groups

  • Determining the Wage band gap and number of ranks

  • Market Wage Research

  • Main terms used (Mean Wage / mode Wage / median Wage / quarters Wage)

  • Calculation of Wage band values and placement of people within the Wage tape

  • Steps to perform a Wage increase

  • Performance system, annual Wage increase, promotional Wage increase

  • Total Wage Management

  • Strategic decision points

  • Wage Management Problem and Solutions



Theoretical information, Case Analyzes, Test, Practice and Group Studies​


1 day


HR department employees.

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