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The purpose of this program is to inform the employees who will prepare and report financial statements (IAS / IFRS-TMS / TFRS) practically with examples, Within the framework of the International Financial Reporting Standards ("IFRS") and the Capital Markets Board's regulations on financial reporting and with the New Turkish Commercial Code; in accordance with Turkey Accounting Standards (TAS).​


  • IFRS and SME General Information about Introduction to IFRS

  • Defining Financial Statements within the scope of IFRS (Balance Sheet / Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Income, Statement of Changes in Equity, Statement of Cash Flow)

  • Explanation of the General Principles Regarding the Presentation of Financial Statements

  • Continuity of the Business within the Scope of IFRS and a Detailed Evaluation of the Assumption of Accrual Basis

  • Classification of Account Items Included in Uniform Chart of Accounts into IFRS Balance Sheet and Income Statement Format and Introduction and Disclosure of Additional Accounts in accordance with IFRS

  • Analysis of Standards on the Basis of Footnotes and Explanatory Information

  • Fundamental Differences Between Financial Statements Arranged According to VUK and IFRS

  • Scope and Format Changes

  • Valuation Changes

  • Footnote Changes



2 days


Accounting and Financial Affairs officers who have basic knowledge of financial statements prepared with a uniform accounting system and who have to prepare their statements according to the Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards (IAS - IFRS) and other employees who want to be informed.

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