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In the program, we enable you to understand, manage and activate and transform all your business processes and development strategies in line with the Lean Management Philosophy. The program adresses continuous Kaizen and PUKO cycle for sustainable progress, 5S, total quality philosophy, visual management in operation, performance constraints of operational processes, problem solving techniques, determination of non-value-creating extravagance in enterprises and methods to be used to prevent extravagance, creation of a value flow map inside the company and ensuring efficiency in lean process management.



Trainings are offered in 6 modules:

Module 1: Guidance: Welcome to the Lean Management Philosophy

  • Basic Concepts

  • What is Lean Management?

  • Best practices

Module 2: Five Principles of Dynamic Working (Lean Management)

  • Value

  • Value Stream

  • Continuous Flow

  • Pulling

  • Perfection

Module 3: Problem Solving  and Lean Method Methodology

  • Kaizen / TPM / Genba / Kanban / JIT / Smed ...

  • PUKO / Poke Yoke

  • FMEA / A3

  • Other Methods: Reverse Thinking Technique, Association Technique, 6 Hat Techniques, Rules

  • Deconstruction, Clipping, Trend Mapping, Scamper, Design Thinking, Analogy and Biomimicry, Brainwriting


Module 4: Structural Problem Solving (Hoshin Kanri)

  • Demand to Shipment Process Flow setup

  • Determining process operation steps, on-site observation as well as executing time, quality, workload, cost, etc. measurements for each step

  • Identifying the problemactic areas and root causes affecting process performance

  • Determining the goals and objectives of the process, definition of scope, determining the criteria for performance measurement

Module 5: Designing Jobs for People

  • Analyzing the customer, customer expectations, customer complaints

  • Describing the lean process operation and methods for more efficient and productive work.

  • Determining improvement activities

  • Lean management respect principles


Module 6: Visual Management and Dissemination

  • Establishing a performance monitoring system.

  • Quality Circle (Ohno Circle)

  • Tool Development (go and see on site / advanced planning and scheduling)

  • Case Study

  • Questions and answers



  • Ideal blend of knowledge and skills,

  • Practices, group work, case or scenario studies

  • Examples from Turkey and around the World



2-5 Days


All company employees especially; middle and upper level managers, HR and quality department employees, operational and technical specialists.

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