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The program includes practices and information about the innovation process, being innovative as well as techniques of generating ideas, its management, methods and tools. The program focuses on creative thinking in line with Lean Thinking systematics. Training takes the concept of innovation from the fundamentally, spreading the innovation skill to the bottom and open it to the participation of everyone in the company. During the management of the innovation process in the company from head to top; during the training, which clarifies the duties of the employees and the management, what everyone can do is revealed with various practices. Based on the fact that the beginning of Lean Practices is “Value for the Customer”, innovation is fictionalized on “making the life of the customer easier and adding value”. It is a 1-2 day(s) training based on the needs.


  • What is Innovation?

  • Innovation Process

  • Managing in Uncertainty (Demand and Technology Uncertainty) and the Leader's New Role

  • Corporate Innovation, In-house Entrepreneurship, Corporate Entrepreneurship

  • Is Innovation Applied Only on The Product? What Other Fields?

  • Lean Thinking

  • What "Job" of the Customer is Done with Our Product / Service! (Job to be done).

  • "If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse" Henry Ford

  • Customer Segmentation and Sales Funnel

  • Get Out of the Office, Be Where the Product/Service Is Used, Where Work Is Made! (Japanese: GEMBA)

  • Human: Comfort Zone, Flow State and Brain

  • What are Customer Needs?

  • Are Innovators and Entrepreneurs the Same Person?

  • Who is Innovator, Who is a Developer and Who is a Practitioner in the Company?

  • Idea Generation Techniques and Practices

  • Reverse Thinking Technique

  • Association Technique

  • 6 Hat Techniques

  • Breaking the Rules

  • Trend Mapping

  • Design Thinking

  • Analogy and Biomimicry

  • Idea Writing (Brainwriting)

  • 8 + 4 Step Model

  • Do - Measure - Learn, MVP (Workable Minimum Product/Service) and Pivoting

  • DIAGNOSIS Model (Determining Product/Service Features to Sell)

  • KANO Model (referred to as the Japanese Dr. Noriaki Kano)

  • Blue Ocean Canvas

  • Business Model and Value Proposition Design

  • Set-Based Concurrent Engineering

  • Case Study

  • Questions and Answers



2 days


Company Managers, Employees of HR, Finance and Accounting Departments

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