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This training aims to deal with the concept of time primarily on the basis of self-compassion, in accordance with the changing conditions. In this way, it will be possible to gain focus and planning skills that will help the participants gain the awareness of the pressure on themselves, their work, family and social environment, and their future plans, freeing themselves from the clutter created by their minds trying to keep up with everything and help them achieve their goals by managing the process efficiently.


  • What's Happening to Us?

  • Getting to know the concept of time: Leverage Balance

  • First, the “LANGUAGE” we use should change.

  • All negligence is procrastionation, while not all procrastination is negligence.

  • A little understanding

  • First you need to rebalance

  • Cost analysis

  • Managing ourselves, not time!

  • Is getting started a magic wand?

  • The effect of delaying gratification on quality of life

  • Respect for someone else's time

  • Reversing broken relationships

  • Strategies that will work if we use them



1 day



Employees and managers at all levels.

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